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Beer & Wine making Equipment, Cleaners & Sanitizers

Fermenters: 25, 32 and 46 litre,
Carboys: Glass (11.5, 19 & 23 litre, + 1/2 & 1 gallon jugs), PET (11.5 & 23 litre)
Bungs, airlocks, siphon rods, siphon hose, spoon, filtering equipment, filter pads, brew belt (heating), stir-attachments, etc

Cleaners: Diversol (Sani Brew), Aseptox (Hydrogen Peroxide), PBW
Sanitizers: IO-Star, Star-San, Potassium Metabisulfite

Prosecco anybody, or maybe...?

Bubblies always bring out smiles at parties! No sorry, that’s not correct. Bubblies makes you smile period, any day of the year.