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Specialty Wines - Port, Sherry, Icewine

At the Art Of Brewing we make also excellent specialty wines, like Port, Sherry and Icewine.
Not only great for drinking on their own, with dessert or in the kitchen, but they also make excellent (Christmas) gifts, especially when bottled in half size (375 ml) bottles.

All specialty wines come in half size, meaning they make 15 750 ml bottles. If you order a double batch we only charge 1 brewing fee, which saves about 20 % of the cost.

During the summer we promote (on a pre-order basis only) specialty ports, like Chocolate Raspberry Port, Chocolate Strawberry Port, Chocolate Orange Port, etc.
Every year the line-up is different and the wine kits are released in September.

Prosecco anybody, or maybe...?

Bubblies always bring out smiles at parties! No sorry, that’s not correct. Bubblies makes you smile period, any day of the year.