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Riesling - Yakima Valley, WS

Washington is renowned for producing the best Rieslings in the US. Cherry Hill Vineyard produces the best Riesling that we have experienced in Washington. Cherry Hill Riesling displays the classic intense perfume of green apple, pear and lime with a crisp acidity that defines great Riesling. It also has an opulently textured personality built around a pronounced orange blossom bouquet and spicy notes that together evoke thoughts of candied tangerine. A stunning wine that reaches heights we have not before seen. With this treasure in our cellars it was clear that we had to revamp our blend to pack even more of the pure juice into each kit so that our customers could experience the maximum impact that this wine delivers. Serve lightly chilled with a wide variety of foods including fowl, pork and sea foods. Ideal with Chinese and Thai dishes.
Oak 0 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0-1

Prosecco anybody, or maybe...?

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