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Summer Holidays coming up!

Enough supplies to keep your brewing habits covered for the month of August?
We are open for another 2 weeks.
Last day of operation is Saturday August 1st and we will reopen on Tuesday August 25th.
Even though we're closed, production of beer & wine will continue (somewhat as usual).
Wines ordered before our closure can be ready as early as mid September, orders after holidays
can be ready as early as mid October.
Salute, Breg & Maarten
Art of Brewing
630 Front Street
Nelson, BC, V1L 4B7
(250) 352-3711

We don't speak Italian, but we're fluent in Prosecco!

Bubblies always bring out smiles at parties! No sorry, that’s not correct. Bubblies makes you smile period, any day of the year.