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Chardonnay - Yakima Valley, WS

We have been using Yakima Chardonnay for several years to add top note flavour or complexity to several of our wines. It finally gets a starring role in this new Chardonnay which is designed to reflect today’s style of Chardonnay. It has fruit-centered aromas and flavours of citrus, green apple and pear held together with balanced, juicy acidity. When released,we expect to see a brisk, medium weight Chardonnay typical of the Yakima style. The more refined style will make for a broader range of synergistic food pairing possibilities. We think that this wine may make you change your mind about Chardonnay, if you have tired of the brawny, over-oaked wines which have become so common-place.
Oak 2 / Body 5 / Sweetness 0

Prosecco anybody, or maybe...?

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