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Limited Wines 2019_20 Season


Terremoto Tempranillo, Spain, $135.- Dry, medium body, medium oak, ABV 13.5 %.
Tempranillo is an early ripening variety from Spain, which gets its name from the Spanish word Temprano (early). It is the main grape used in the wines from Rioja, Navarre and neighboring regions and often seen as the noble grape of Spain. These grapes have been grown in the Valencia region which lies a bit more south on the Mediterranean coast, a very hot climate with moderate winters.
Tempranillo is a very dark, thick skinned grape which is often blended with Grenache, Cab or Merlot (90-100 % is Tempranillo though), but also does very well on its own. The wines are ruby red in colour, with aromas and flavours of berries (cherry, strawberry), plum, tobacco, vanilla and leather. It is a smooth wine with low-moderate tannins and can handle a fair bit of oak.

Pecorino - Pinot Grigio, Italy, $132.50 Dry, medium body, no oak, ABV 12.5 %.
Pinot Grigio is an incredibly popular and versatile grape that doesn't really need an introduction any more. The best sold white in BC, both in the liquor store and at the AOB. Wines from Pinot Gris/Grigio vary greatly depending where it's grown and wine making style. By harvesting a bit earlier the Italian style retains its refreshing acidity and suppresses the overt-fruitiness and spice of the grape, creating a lighter, crisp wine with good acidity and hints of citrus.
Pecorino is a very old, a bit obscure variety, thought to be extinct. Currently there is only about 90 ha. planted, mostly in the Marche area. Classic wines are dry, minerally and elegantly floral.
This wine would do well when made sparkling.

Pacific Quartet Red, Regional, $135.- Dry, medium-full body, medium oak, ABV 13.5 %.
A Pacific blend of the 4 main red grapes Cabernet (CA), Malbec (Chile), Shiraz (Aust.) and Merlot (WA).
The combination results in a full-bodied, well-structured, tannic wine with blackberry, cherry aromas and berries, currant, chocolate and toasted oak finish on the palate.

YOLO White, California, $132.50 Dry/off-dry, medium body, no oak, ABV 13.0 %.
A fruit forward wine, that can be made dry or off-dry. It is a blend from Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Muscat, grown in Yolo county, which has - due to regular fog - a coolish growing climate.This causes the grape to develop clean fruity flavours while retaining a crisp refreshing acidity.
Chardonnay comes with green apple, melon, peach and pear, Chenin Blanc gives the wine structure, acidity and citrus flavours and Muscat gives it a richness and floral aromas.
Even though most Muscat wines out there are very sweet, they don't necessarily need to be so. Just a hint of Muscat in a dry white is all you need to make the wine shine.
By the way, Muscat is the only grapes that tastes like grapes when made into wine. All the other grapes taste like something else:)
Great summer sipper, both on it's own or paired with lunches and has enough character to stand up to spicy foods.

Cape Blend, South Africa, $157.50.- (skins) Dry, full body, medium-heavy oak, ABV 14.0 %.
A full bodied red blend from the Worcester region in South Africa, a well protected and hot valley, that provide good conditions for bold fruitful wines.
Cabernet and Shiraz bring dark berry, currant, cherry, chocolate and spice and also plenty tannins. Pinotage is SA's trademark grape and need to be a part of the 'Cape Blends', it creates deep colored, fruit forward wines with good tannic structure. Grenache will add lighter berry flavours as rasp- and strawberry, but also savoury notes as pepper, leather and licorice
One that I'm looking forward too:)


Union Red, France, $135.- Dry, medium body, medium oak, ABV 13.0 %.
A classic Bordeaux blend, made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cab Franc and Merlot, all grown in the Provence region in France. When I think of France I mostly think of the Provence, rolling hills full of vineyards, olive groves and lavender. A warm Mediterranean climate with cool nights and plenty of breeze. The wind in the Provence always carries scents of pine, thyme and rosemary and of course lavender.
Cabernet brings the characteristically dark berries and black currant, earthiness and tannins, Cab Franc has a full smooth fruitiness, black cherry, raspberry, with hints of tobacco and pepper. Merlot gives it a plummy, jammy richness.

Union White, France, $132.50 Dry, medium body, ABV 12.0 %.
A classic French blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon from the Provence.

Sauvignon Blanc will bring its characteristically crisp and elegant greenish flavours like gooseberry, grass and green pepper, but also tropicals as passion fruit and floral notes. It always comes with a good acidity to give the wine backbone and structure.
Semillon hangs a bit in the middle between Sauvignon and Chardonnay. It will be a bit richer, smoother, creamier and because of that will make a perfect balance for the Sauvignon Blanc. Semillon brings a scala of fruitiness, ranging from apple and pear to lemon and papaya.
This wine would also do well when made sparkling.

Dos Grenache, Spain & Aust., $135.- Dry, full body, medium oak, ABV 13.0 %.
Grenache is one of the most widely planted grapes in the world, but it needs a hot long growing season, due to its late ripening. Both Spain - where it originated - and Australia offer such a climate. Australia is one of the few places outside the Mediterranean zone encompassing Southern France, Italy and Spain where Grenache does really well. It is also one of the most versatile grapes, making great rosés in the Provence and Rousillon and fruit forward table reds in France and Spain. But Grenache is also capable of making rich and full bodied reds.
Grenache brings lighter berry flavours, rasp- and strawberry, hints of pepper, low to moderate tannin and sometimes can be a bit light in colour, but with surprising depth. Easy to drink young, but will mature to something unexpectedly complex with time.

Carmenere - Petit Verdot, Chile, $157.50.- (skins) Dry, full body, medium-full oak, ABV 14.0 %.
Both grapes originated in the Bordeaux region in France.
Carmenere has been Chile's trademark grape for quite a while. Often called a super Merlot, bringing plummy and jammy flavours, it also brings so much more. More body, tannin structure, but also dark berries and chocolate, tobacco and spice.
Petit Verdot is often seen as a Cabernet look alike, it ripens very late and is doing better in warm new world countries then in its native France. It brings a dark purple colour, black currant and other dark berry flavours, also plenty of tannin.

Dear Customer,

Brrrrr, there is white stuff falling from the sky and the forecast is predicting a -9 °C overnight. Not much of an Indian Summer this year, but maybe a good moment to cozy up next to the wood stove and read about the wines that you could make in the upcoming Limited Edition season, make sure you have a nice glass of wine handy.

This year we will offer our longtime regulars, Limited Edition from Winexpert (celebrating 30 years of LE) and the Passport Series from Vineco. We have decided to drop the RQ-series for this year. I thought that the quality varied too much from wine to wine and didn't quite stack up to the LE's, PS's and our regular line up of wines (Selection & Cellar Craft).

This means we will carry a total of 9 wines, 6 Red (2 with skins) & 3 Whites, that will be released between December and April.
Two wines from France, 2 Spanish, 1 Chilean, 1 Italian, 1 South African, 1 Californian and 1 regional blend.
All our wines can be customized for dry-/sweetness, oak level, alcohol level, etc. Please ask us about it next time when you order wine.

Deadline for both programs is Saturday November 16th at the end of day.

In this email I'll be giving a few pointers on each wine, for the official poetry please go the supplier website.
LE 2018:
PS 2019:

Enjoy reading, please gives us a call if you feel a bit confused about all these different grapes & wines. We are more then happy to explain more and help you make the right choice.

Regards, Maarten & Breg

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