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Wyeast order, deadline Thursday November 30th @ 5 pm

Wyeast order!

Next Wyeast order is coming up, please have your order in before Thursday November 30th at 5 pm.
Please mail your order to
I will skip the January order probably because of Christmas Holidays, so make sure you get your supplies in for the next 2 months!

To check out the entire line up got to
Please don't order yeasts that have a PC-code, because they won't be available.
Except for the 3 current PC series for this quarter:
2575-PC Kolsch Yeast II
2487-PC Hella Bock Lager
2002-PC Gambrinus Style Lager

Price $13.75

Don’t forget that Wyeast also has Brett and Lacto strains for ‘Wild and Sour’ ($17.25), and yeasts for Cider($13.75), Wine($13.75), Mead($13.75), Sake($13.75) and Distilling($??).

Thanks, Maarten

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