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Welcome to Art Of Brewing (since 1986).

The oldest and best selected Wine & Beer making store in the West-Kootenay. Art Of Brewing is owned and managed by award winning winemakers Breg & Maarten Lammers.

The Art Of Brewing has recently moved to a new location and you can find us on 630 Front Street in the West Arm Plaza.

We offer in house brewing services for both Beer and Wine and carry a large selection wine and beer kits, ingredients, malts, hops, yeasts and equipment from all the main suppliers in the industry.
We are official supplier of Winexpert, Vineco, RJSpagnols, Brew House, U-DO brewery, Brewers Circle, Country Malt/Canada Malting, Bredenhof Hops and ABC Cork.

Art of Brewing celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016, up to the 35th!

We don't speak Italian, but we're fluent in Prosecco!

Bubblies always bring out smiles at parties! No sorry, that’s not correct. Bubblies makes you smile period, any day of the year.

Wyeast order. Deadline Thursday October 29th.

Next Wyeast order is coming up.

Please mail your order to

To check out the entire line up got to
Please don't order yeasts that have a PC-code, because they won't be available. 
Except for the 3 current PC series for this quarter.
3864 PC Canadian/Belgian Ale
2000 PC Budvar Lager
1581 PC Belgian Stout

Price $12.50

Don’t forget that Wyeast also has Brett and Lacto strains for ‘Wild and Sour’ ($17.25), and yeasts for Cider($12.50), Wine($12.50), Mead($12.50), Sake($12.50) and Distilling($12.50).

Thanks, Maarten



Limited Wines 2020_21 Season

Dear Art of Brewing Customer,

After a beautiful summer, fall arrived quickly with winter on her heels! Biked home yesterday through some white stuff falling down...brrrrr!
Autumn also means the release of the Limited Edition and Passport program and getting exited about the wines you will be sipping next year on your dec
k, Christmas 2021 or beyond!

Limited Edition wines are wines that are released once a year. This special programme gives you the opportunity to fill your cellar with some interesting & trendy wines which we don’t carry in our normal selection. These wines are only available on a pre-order system. An official brochure (see link below) will give you a description of the wines, but we always like to give you our own personal view on these programmes, which we do in this newsletter.
Over the 20 years we’ve been offering this programme we have seen over 175 different wines with virtually no disappointments. The quality and price points of these wines are always good.

Brochures for Limited edition 2020 & Passport Series 2021
LE 2020:
Passport 2021:

Limited Edition from Wine Expert will come out with 5 wines, Passport from Vineco will release 4 wines. This means we will carry a total of 9 wines; 6 red (2 with skins) & 3 whites which will be released between December and April.

Pricing for this year; Whites $135, Reds $142.50, Reds with skin; $165 (price for kit, incl labels)
Brewing fee, corks & seals extra.

IMPORTANT: These wines will be only available to people who have pre-ordered them, payment is not necessary until the wine kits arrive in our store for pick up or getting started in store.

Deadline for both programs is Saturday November 14th end of day.

All our wines can be customized for dry-/sweetness, oak level, alcohol level, etc. Please ask us about it next time when you order wine.

Enjoy reading, please gives us a call if you feel a bit confused about all these different grapes & wines. We are more then happy to explain more and help you make the right choice for your palate.

Regards, Maarten & Breg

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We're back!

We're back!
Refreshed from holidays, with a great new mural on our wall.

Salute, Breg & Maarten