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Welcome to Art Of Brewing (since 1986).

The oldest and best selected Wine & Beer making store in the West-Kootenay. Art Of Brewing is owned and managed by award winning winemakers Breg & Maarten Lammers.

The Art Of Brewing has recently moved to a new location and you can find us on 630 Front Street in the West Arm Plaza.

We offer in house brewing services for both Beer and Wine and carry a large selection wine and beer kits, ingredients, malts, hops, yeasts and equipment from all the main suppliers in the industry.
We are official supplier of Winexpert, Vineco, RJSpagnols, Brew House, U-DO brewery, Brewers Circle, Country Malt/Canada Malting, Bredenhof Hops and ABC Cork.

Art of Brewing celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016, up to the 35th!

We don't speak Italian, but we're fluent in Prosecco!

Bubblies always bring out smiles at parties! No sorry, that’s not correct. Bubblies makes you smile period, any day of the year.

We're back!

We're back!
Refreshed from holidays, with a great new mural on our wall.

Salute, Breg & Maarten

Wyeast! It's Wheat season in the PC-line.

Wyeast order. Deadline Thursday August 27th.

Next Wyeast order is coming up, please have your order in before the deadline.
Please mail your order to

I'm sending this out a bit earlier because of holidays and I will not be able to confirm your order until I'm back. Somewhere around August 25th.

To check out the entire line up got to
Please don't order yeasts that have a PC-code, because they won't be available. 
Except for the 3 current PC series for this quarter.
Apparantly it's wheat season this time:
3191-PC Berliner Weisse Blend
3333-PC German Wheat
3942-PC Belgian Wheat

Price $12.50

Don’t forget that Wyeast also has Brett and Lacto strains for ‘Wild and Sour’ ($17.25), and yeasts for Cider($12.50), Wine($12.50), Mead($12.50), Sake($12.50) and Distilling($12.50).

Thanks, Maarten


Malt order, deadline Saturday June 6th @ 5 pm

Next Malt order is going out. 
Deadline for ordering is Saturday June 6th @ 5 pm.

If you like pre-ordered bags or are looking for something special that we don't normally carry, please let me know. Prompt pick up of ordered bags is necessary.
Please mail your order to or

Thanks, Maarten