2011-06/aobfront.jpgWelcome to Art Of Brewing (since 1986), the oldest and best selected Wine & Beer making store in the West-Kootenay. Art Of Brewing is owned and managed by award winning winemakers Breg & Maarten Lammers.

The Art Of Brewing is situated in the old 'Coke and Gas Works, anno 1900', truly one of the nicest heritage buildings in Nelson. The 2-feet thick granite walls create a very stable environment summer and winter, ideal for crafting outstanding beer & wines.

We offer in house brewing services for both Beer and Wine and carry a large selection wine and beer kits, ingredients and equipment from all the main suppliers in the industry.
We are official supplier of Winexpert, Cellar Craft, RJSpagnols, Brew House, Vineco and ABC Cork.

Art of Brewing is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!

Top 100 Wine Kits for 2012

Winemaker Magazine published a list with the top 100 scoring wine kits, based on the results of 2012 WineMaker Magazine international amateur wine competition held in Vermont. If we break down this list by supplier, the list reads like this:

RJSpagnols       41
Winexpert         26
Cellar Craft       15
Vineco                15

Wine Kitz          2
Paklab              1

Art of Brewing is official dealer for RJSpagnols, Winexpert, Cellar Craft and  Vineco, which means that 97 out of these 100 wine kits are available in our store.

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Art of Brewing Awarded with Medals

 This spring, Art Of Brewing entered 12 wines in the 2011 Winemaker International Amateur Wine Competition and was awarded a total of 7 medals for their wines. 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze.

Gold:     Tannat, Uruguay (2010)
Silver:    Old Vines Zinfandel, Lodi, CA (2010)
Silver:    Zweigelt, Austria (2009)
Bronze:  Viognier, Yakima Valley, WA (2010)
Bronze:  Malbec, Argentina (2009)
Bronze:  Merlot, Yakima Valley, WA (2009)
Bronze:  Grüner Veltliner, Austria (2010)

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Dusseldorfer Altbier

Dusseldorfer Altbier is a style of beer that originated in the Dusseldorf-region of Germany. 
Altbier - which means 'old beer' in German - refers to the period before brewers started to make lager fermented beers. Alt is an ale fermented beer and after fermentation, the beer is lagered (cool stored), leading to a cleaner, crisper beer than is the norm for some other top-fermented beers such as British ales.

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Belgian Witbier

Two common varieties of wheat beer are witbier (Dutch - "white beer") based on the Belgian tradition of using flavorings such as coriander and orange peel which was revived by Pierre Celis at Hoegaarden,and weissbier (German - "white beer") based on the German tradition of mixing at least 50% wheat to barley malt to make a light coloured top-fermenting beer.

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Wine Expert News

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Warmer weather is coming which means its the perfect time to get ready for all that summertime entertaining See our collection of Island Mist recipes here!

NEW Eclipse Barossa Valley Shiraz with Grape Skins
The Barossa Valley is Australias quintessential wine region Located in South Australia Barossa Valley is one of Australias oldest wine regions dating back to 1841 However it wasnt until the late 1900s that Barossa Shiraz became well known internationally and was considered its own unique style of SyrahThis style of big full bodied Shiraz with rich notes of chocolate and spice has become synonymous with Barossa Valley and Australian wine in general